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Love from the inside out

The connecting to hula is something that I didn’t expect when I started dancing.

I had done other types of dance throughout my life and loved it. But it wasn’t until I danced hula, that the meaning and connection took on so much more.

Like most haole, my draw to hula was seeing the grace and beauty of the dance. So kind of superficial. Loved what I saw on the surface. BUT hula is much more than dance. This was instilled in me through my Kumu, past and present, all the Kumu I have learned from at workshops, classes and visiting halau, and time I’ve spent on island. And it continues. Never stop seeking, learning and growing.

If you are interested in trying something new, join our beginner class. It starts Saturday, October 3.

Maybe you will be like me and like the dance from the outside and then LOVE the dance from the inside. Though I wish I had found hula earlier, it is never too late to start!

- Jen

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